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Minimum Field Standards
  • All fields must meet minimum FIFA standards
  • Size must be within FIFA standards
  • Goals must be secure and have fully covered nets
  • Corner Flags
  • All markings & lines must be clear & visible
  • Night games must have lights
  • Turf fields are acceptable
  • Premier Division fields must be of a high quality (to be determined by League Board)
League Fields
  • SCP has access to a few "League Fields" in Irvine, Garden Grove and a couple other partner cities
  • It is very important that each team secure their own home field
  • In the event a field is provided by the League, teams that elect to use this field for their home games will be required to pay a pre-determined fee
  • Use of an SCP "League Field" will be determined by the Board of Directors

Team Fields

  • All teams are required to have a home field
    • Teams without a home field are always risk of losing their spot in the League
    • If at any time there are not fields to schedule games those teams without fields will be removed first
    • Any team without a home field must pay the “No Field” fee
  • Any team that plays their "Home" games at their opponents or at a "League Field" must pay for the cost of field rental for that game
    • This will be paid for out of the No Field fee
  • Teams that provide a field for the visiting “home teams” must submit receipts in order to be reimbursed for their cost of the field for that game day
  • If a team with no field goes over the balance they must pay for all “home” games in advance or submit another No Field fee to continue

Respect each field; respect the neighbors, pick-up trash, no foul language – no alcohol

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