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Player ID Cards

Player ID Cards
No Player ID Card – No Play - No Exceptions
  • If the referee observes any issues with the player not matching the photo or signature, the referee can request to see a Driver’s License.
  • If the opposing team suspects that a player does not have the proper ID or is attempting to play under a different ID card they must request the referee to verify with a drivers license BEFORE the game starts or BEFORE the player enters the game
  • Game Audits will be performed throughout the season
  • League Board Members or Referee assignors can perform periodic audits of certain games.  See the RID manual for penalties 
  • Loss of Player ID Card – in the event a card is lost contact the registrar immediately.  There will be a $5 replacement fee.
  • Only the new Player ID Card can be used. If found the old card is invalid and cannot be used
  • If old Player ID Card is used there will be penalties & fines


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