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Rain Policy

September 2016

Requirements of Home team if the field is closed due to rain/weather.

  • Verify that the field is in fact closed.  You can do this by calling the mudline as listed on the field page or by getting in touch with the field owner/operator.
  • Must Call AND email opposing coach/manager as listed on their team page.
  • MEN’S TEAMS:  Must call referee assignor, go to league directory for contacts

Requirements of Visiting team if it looks like it might rain or weather may cause game cancellation

  • If you do not hear from the Home team then show up to the game
  • Always assume the game will be played if you don’t hear anything.

Both teams must Complete the Score Report noting that the field was closed due to rain and the game was not played

League “may” contact the city/school to verify that the field was unplayable

When in doubt show up to the field


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