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Registration - Players

Once accepted into the league a team will be created on two platforms
  • Calsouth website
  • SCP website
  • Detailed information & instructions on how to register players can be found HERE

Calsouth website

  • Registering players to your team is done through Calsouth
  • On-line player registration will open as soon as teams are confirmed
  • Listed Team officials on the SCP team page will receive an email with instructions
  • Fees
    • New player registration $27 = player.  This is good from August 1 - August 31 of the following year
    • Player Changes $5 = any changes (transfer, drop, lost card)
  • Player ID Cards will be mailed to the address listed on team page or can be picked up from Registrar 
  • Each team must carry a minimum of 18 registered players 
  • Each team may carry up to 30 players at any given time
  • Help can be obtained by contacting our Registrar
SCP website
  • There is a place on your SCP team page to add players to your roster
  • This is NOT an official roster
  • It is for team and public viewing only


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