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Schedules Posted
  • The schedule posted on the website is final
  • The only exception would be an email or phone call from the League Scheduler, President or Vice President
  • Once posted, it is each team’s responsibility to review the schedule and confirm home field availability
  • Once the season starts, the league does not plan to change the schedule

Game Changes

  • If a game needs to be modified due to a field issue, you must contact League Scheduler & scheduled opponent before Tuesday 5:00pm (for a Saturday or Sunday game), otherwise you may receive a forfeit.
  • In the event the field is unavailable the following steps will take place.
    • The Scheduler will re-assign the game to the opponent’s field
    • The Scheduler will re-assign the  game to a “League Field”
    • The Scheduler will re-assign your game to an available field
    • The Scheduler has the right to review the situation and if your team was found to be at fault and negligible in losing the field a forfeit win for the opposing team may be awarded.
  • If you know you will be forfeiting a game, you must contact the league, so that the other team and referees can be notified within 48 hours of kickoff
    • If you notify after that time your Team Bond may be used to pay for the assigned referee crew


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