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Suspensions RED/YELLOW Cards

Yellow Card

  • We highly encourages a team to sub a player who receives a yellow card for a period of timeOf course this is at the discretion of the team coach/manager

Red Card

  • Any player who receives a red card must leave the site immediately.  Failure to do so will result in additional suspensions.  Harassing referees will result in additional suspensions
  • Any player receiving more than 3 red cards in a season may be expelled from further play in the League
  • When a red card is shown the referee will NOT keep the calsouth ID card. A report will be made and posted on the website.
  • RID committee will determine the length of suspensions after receiving the referee reports from each game.

Any team involved in a fight will be reviewed by the board once a report is submitted by the referees

Players involved in fighting may be subject to immediate expulsion from the league

  • Teams involved in fighting may be subject to expulsion from the league


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