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September 2016

Review RID Manual - Rules, Investigation & Discipline
Red Card
  • Players who receives a red card must leave the site immediately
  • Failure to do so will result in additional suspensions
  • Harassing referees will result in additional suspensions
  • The referee will return the Player ID Card to the team after the game.
  • If the referee deems that there was sufficient reason they will keep the Player ID Card and will send it to SCP Board along with a USSF Game Report
  • All Red carded players will be noted on a weblog on this website with the length of suspension and return date.
  • All Red carded players/teams will be assessed a minimum $25 fine.
  • Once the suspension is complete and fine is received the Player may return to play.
  • Any team/player involved in a fight will be reviewed by the IDC


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