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August 15, 2017

Online player registration is now open.  Please begin registering your players right away. 
  1. RETURNING TEAM:  If you were in the league last season, you can use the same login info you have.  The process is the same, and the fee is still $27 per player.
  2. NEW TEAM:  If you are new this season, you will have to create a username and password.
  3. You can either register all your players yourself and pay one time at the end, or you can have your players register themselves.
  4. If you are a manager/coach and will also be a player, register yourself as manager/coach first.  Then you can add yourself as a player. 

The roster limit is 30 players; you can add or drop players throughout the season.  Any roster changes (adds, drops, transfers, multirostering) is still only $5 each.  Contact me for assistance.  Throughout the season, the deadline for new cards, drops, adds etc. is every Thursday night at 8:00pm.  If you have special circumstances, please communicate with me and I will always do my best to accommodate your needs.

If you have a player that is registered to a team in a different league than ours, that is called "mulitrostering."  This is allowed. There is a $5 fee you'll pay to our league for those players.  However, no one may be registered to more than one team within our league (related teams may share players; see league rules for restrictions).

Every player must have a player ID card made by me.  No exceptions.  In order to get your player cards in time for the season opening, the deadline to register players is Tuesday, September 15 in order to play in the first game which is Sept 19/20.
If you have an outstanding balance with the league please contact our treasurer to make payment.  Only after the treasurer notifies me that your team is all paid up on league fees, field fees, and team bond, will I release your player cards to you. 
PLAYER REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS - Click link on the right side.

Pick Up - Delivery of Player ID Cards

Cards may be picked up from the Registrar.  There is a SoCal Premier box on the front porch, look for an envelope with your team name.  If you wish to pickup your team ID’s please let the Registrar know in advance so they do not get put in the mail.

Please notify the registrar when you have added players to your roster.  If you would like your player cards mailed to you, registrations must be completed by Tuesday night for mailing on Wednesday morning.  After Tuesday night, any player registrations must be completed by Thursday night and will only be available for pick up.  Managers can pick up new cards at the registrar’s house over the weekend. Registrar will not mail cards after Wednesday afternoon. 

The Registrar will ONLY communicate via emails and phone from current team manager.  If a player is having problems with registration they must go through their team manager.

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