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EXISTING player: Add, Drop, Transfer

PLAYER CHANGES - Players already registered in the CSL or another Calsouth sanctioned league.

Cost per change is $5.  Cash or check (FROM TEAM MANAGER ONLY) payable to CSL

  • ALL player changes require proper communication with registrar.  You can do this 2 ways...
  • Use the PLAYER CHANGE FORM (link at right)
  • Or email the REGISTRAR
  • Once you communicate the changes to be made you must deliver payment and Calsouth ID cards of players to be transferred or dropped to the CSL Registrar - address below

Player Transfer - from one CSL team to another

  • Must send Calsouth ID to registrar
  • Cost $5

"Multiroster" Player - already registered in another Calsouth League

  • Calsouth and CSL allow players to register and play in multiple leagues.
  • CSL does NOT allow players to play on multiple teams within CSL.  This includes playing in a different division within CSL.
  • A Multiroster player is a player who is already registered to play in another Calsouth sanctioned league and wants to also play in the CSL.
  • Players may play on "affiliated" CSL teams using one player card (teams in the same club - for example AC Brea Select & AC Brea Over35)
  • Cost $5

Drop a player

  • Must send Calsouth ID to registrar
  • Cost $5

Re-Add a player

  • Add a previously dropped player by looking them up in the system
  • Cost $5

Lost Card

  • If a card is lost the team manager must email the CSL Referee Liaison the player info Name, Team & Calsouth ID# (if known)
  • Registrar will get confirmation from the CSL Referee Liaison and a new card will be sent to the team manager
  • Cost $5


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