CSL Season Information
updated September 2011

The CSL Prides itself on a high level of play and on great sportsmanship.  There are a few things coaches and players in the CSL need to remember:

I.D. Cards are required – NO I.D. CARD – NO PLAY (No exceptions).

  • Every player should bring a Driver’s License to each game, this is for verification only, does not allow you to play.
  • If the referee observes any issues with the player not matching the photo or signature, the referee will request to see the DL.
  • If the quesioned player does not show a DL, that player is not allowed to play in the game.
  • There will be periodic audits by either league officials or referees during half-times of random games.  Penalties will be severe if teams are caught using illegal players
If you have less than 7 players at game time – after 15 minute grace period you will Forfeit the game.  If you have 7 players at start time you must start the game, there is no grace period.
If you have a player that sustains an injury during a game please make sure to report that on the "CSL Scores" report.  We will do our best to direct you to insurance forms and help with any issues with the state office and insurance and referee reports.

Pay referees before kick-off – not at half-time.
Rules – Review CSL Rules provided to referees
The CSL recommends confirming that the referee has documented any serious injuries in referee report

Red Card Suspension  Note that player must leave the site after receiving a red card.  Failure to do so will result in additional suspensions.  Harassing referees will result in additional suspensions.

Tournaments - League needs 30 day notice of team entering a USSF or Calsouth-sponsored tournament that would impact the league schedule (i.e. Las Vegas,  State Tournaments, etc…)/

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