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Calsouth District 3&4 Commissioners Cup & All-Star schedules

The deadline for registration on the Cal South website/Affinity system is Nov. 30th.  You are welcomed to send 2 teams per age bracket – same as last year.  Rules will be sent next week but as a heads up we will be playing by USSF Player Development Initiatives, U12’s and U14’s will play 11v11.  Game durations will be shorter to accommodate number of games per day.

This info is for our U12 Division

Calsouth District 3 & 4 Commissioners Cup format is the same for U10s’-U14’s, boys and girls

  • Dec. 10th & 11th (Qualifying Games)
  • Dec. 17th and 18th (Quarter/Semi/Finals)

Calsouth is still looking for field availability to determine locations.  In principle, the Commissioners Cup will have the same eligibility requirements, format and rules as last year with minor changes due to any Player Development Initiatives (heading, punting, number of players on the field, etc.), field availability, team participation, etc.  The same method for participation will also apply to last year’s rules.

CalSouth District 3 & 4 All-Stars for U10’s – U14’s, boys and girls

  • Jan. 14th – qualifying games
  • Jan. 21 - Finals

Similarly we will be requesting fields for this tournament.

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