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Contacts for league

  • Click on "CLUBS" to find teams and administrative contacts
  • Intercity Youth Director - Matt Morse 714-296-5888,

Games - 9 or 10 game Schedule for everyone

No Sunday games and a couple Friday night games

Referees - Home field will supply certified referees

- Both teams are responsible for fees each game $42 per team

During Games - Teams & coaches on one side / fans on the other

Coaches are responsible for their respective parents and sideline conduct

No standing behind the goal or by the goal box

The home team is responsible for field set up

The home team proves 3 soccer balls if possible

Play offs

  • BOYS - North & East - Top 3 teams, South - Top 2 teams = 8 teams total
  • GIRLS - North & South - Top 4 teams
  • Playoff host decided by Nov 19.

Conduct - If a team is promoting violence and game is called the game will be a forfeit even if the team was winning if they are at fault (Lets push for no red cards)

Playoffs December 2-3

Commissioner Cup @ “OC Great Park” December 16-17

Tournament of All Stars January 28-29 @ “Silver Lakes”

2017 Fall Game format

Birth Year 2006-2007
Division U12
Game Format 9v9
Max Roster Size 14
Team Registration Fee $175
No Field Fee $350
Referee Game Fee $1.40/minute
Referees 3
Length of Game 60 (2x30)
Team Awards 1st place Trophy
Player Awards 1st place Medals, 2nd place medals
Max Players on Roster 14
Roster Freeze 30-Oct
Playing up an age Allowable
Max games per day  per player 1
Field Size +/- 10 yards 75x50
Goal Size 6x18 or 7x21
Corner Flags Required
Field Markings Mid-line, Circle & 8x24 goal box
Games can end in a tie? Yes
Offsides Yes
Heading NO
GK Punting Yes
Build out Line No
Ball Size 4
Substitution Rule unlimited
Playing Time Minimum ½ game (Prefer Equal Time)
Standings Yes
Coach License Minimum F
Player Cards required
Game Cards Calsouth/Affinity
Score Reporting Each Coach
Playoffs Dec 2/3
City Championships* Dec 9/10
Commissioners Cup Dec 16/17
All-Stars* January

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