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2017 Fall Game format

Birth Year 2006-2007
Division U12
Game Format 9v9
Max Roster Size 14
Team Registration Fee $175
No Field Fee $350
Referee Game Fee $1.40/minute
Referees 3
Length of Game 60 (2x30)
Team Awards 1st place Trophy
Player Awards 1st place Medals, 2nd place medals
Max Players on Roster 14
Roster Freeze 30-Oct
Playing up an age Allowable
Max games per day  per player 1
Field Size +/- 10 yards 75x50
Goal Size 6x18 or 7x21
Corner Flags Required
Field Markings Mid-line, Circle & 8x24 goal box
Games can end in a tie? Yes
Offsides Yes
Heading NO
GK Punting Yes
Build out Line No
Ball Size 4
Substitution Rule unlimited
Playing Time Minimum ½ game (Prefer Equal Time)
Standings Yes
Coach License Minimum F
Player Cards required
Game Cards Calsouth/Affinity
Score Reporting Each Coach
Playoffs Dec 2/3
City Championships* Dec 9/10
Commissioners Cup Dec 16/17
All-Stars* January

US Soccer