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Rules - 2017 Youth Spring League

LAWS: SCP Spring League shall be played under F.I.F.A. Laws except as modified by SCP.

AUTHORITY: The SoCal Premier League Main Board is the governing body. Routine operating decisions related to Spring League are delegated to the SCP President and the SCP Spring League Director. They are authorized to make any decisions relating to the interpretation of these rules, and have the authority to define special circumstances which may lead to exceptions. Normally, all rules and any change proposals will be reviewed annually. Written appeals should be directed to the SCP President, and may be discussed at normal monthly SCP Main Board meetings.

ROSTERS: Teams invited to participate in post-season games shall include only the players rostered to the team as of the third (3rd) regularly-scheduled league match. Recreational allows for loaned or borrowed players up to two substitutions. Recreational allows for loaned or borrowed players to meet minimum amount of players needed plus two substitutes. Recreational permits for loaned or borrowed players up to a maximum of two players so long as the total players for that game roster does not exceed thirteen players.  All loaned or borrowed players must have a player ID card. There shall be no loaned or borrowed players for teams in playoffs.

PLAYER CARDS: Cal South and/or AYSO laminated player photo ID passes will be required for all players at the start of each game, unless waived in writing by the Director.  U9 thru U14 will have spring cards. U6, U7, U8 do not require spring cards.  A signed medical release form will be required for all players, and must be provided to the referee upon request. Failure to provide documents may result in a game forfeit. PLAYERS WITHOUT BOTH PHOTO ID AND MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.

LICENSED COACH/MANAGER: There must be a USYS licensed coach at each game for each team. The coach must have an Administrator’s Pass (laminated photo ID card). A team without a carded official will forfeit. Note: An administrator, with a valid pass from the same league, may coach the team.

REFEREES: In most cases, all referee decisions on the field will be deemed as final and will not be overturned.

Three referee system is preferred. (Use of club linesmen is at the discretion of the center referee.)

Both teams are responsible for referee fees. Referees are to be paid BEFORE THE MATCH. Each team is responsible for one half of total referee fees. If team does not show, the referee fee is still the responsibility of the team or the league they represent.

The referee fee schedule is posted on the Spring League web site.

FORMAT: The league format shall be a single season of a pre-determined number of games. The league champion will be the team with the most points gained through wins (3 points) & ties (1 point).

TIE-BREAKERS. The following tie-breakers will be used for resolving ties in determining the Regular Season standings, in the following order:
1. Most Points
2. Head to Head. If more than Two Teams are tied, this tie-breaker shall not apply.
3. Goal Difference
4. Goals Against
5. Goals For
6. Coin Toss

NUMBER OF GAMES: Teams may play a minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 games during the spring league. This will depend on the teams preference as well as the number of teams registered for each specific division.

PROTESTS: If the protest is to be made the game must not be played. Playing the game indicates that no protest will be made. Written protests to the Youth League Director made within twelve (12) hours of the end of the game will be accepted and reviewed.

RED CARD:  players sent off for violent conduct or referee assault receive an automatic two game suspension plus additional discipline as deemed appropriate by the SCP Youth Director.  Any other red card including two yellow cards in one game (1+1) resulting in a red card are automatically suspended for one game plus additional discipline as deemed appropriate by the SCP Youth Director.

INJURY: No player will be allowed to play with an injury which could be aggravated by playing or which, in the opinion of the referee, constitutes a danger to others. No player wearing an orthopedic cast, temporary cast or splint shall be permitted to play. Determination of this is made by referee on the field after viewing the apparatus.

COACHES: All coaches have the complete responsibility for the conduct of their players, parents, bench, friends, and spectators at all times. If, in the opinion of the game officials, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, parents, bench, friends, or spectators, the offending team may be suspended from further play and may forfeit all remaining games. A coach that is asked to leave the field by the Referee is automatically suspended for the next two games and the SCP Youth Director can levy further punishment at his discretion.

FIELD EQUIPMENT:  Home team will be responsible for setting up and taking down corner flags, nets and goals.

TRASH: Teams are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Do not leave any trash at the field. It is NOT acceptable to pile trash on a receptacle until it overflows onto the ground. If you brought it to the field, take it away with you.

NO DRINKING, NO SMOKING: The consumption or use of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden at all venues. Smoking is not permitted on any school grounds.

GAME CARD: The game card and roster must be printed from your team page on the website. Coach must sign it prior to the game. The card is the only record of your games and is the sole responsibility of the coach.

SCORE: At the end of each game a team administrator/coach must sign the game card. Each coach is expected to enter the final score on the schedule website.

HOME TEAM: Home team is listed first. Home team is responsible to change jerseys in case of color conflict, has choice of side lines, and will supply the game ball. Teams should typically be on opposite sides of the field. For teams with more than one uniform, home team wears colors and visitors wear white. All coaches should be prepared to have players wear vests if team colors are the same.

FIELD ISSUES: In the event a field is not available, it is up to the home team to contact the SCP Youth Director and request a reschedule. SCP will do its best to move the game to another venue, either to the away team or to a neutral field on the same date the game is to be played. Failure to report a field closure by the home team will result in a forfeit win for the away team.

MINIMUM ROSTER: All games will begin on time. A forfeit will be declared if a team cannot field a minimum number of players at start time: seven (7) players for 11v11, (6) players for 9v9, six (5) players for 7v7 or (3) players for 4v4 teams. A grace period of 15 min is awarded before a game is called a forfeit.

FORFEITS: Any team (coach, player or parent) found responsible for promoting violence, instigating, or enticing a team disturbance, causing the referee to suspend play prior to the completion of regulation time, will forfeit that game (even if they are winning at the time of the incident). The SCP Youth Director will review all such incidents. Upon review the team may also be subject to league suspension. Any team under league suspension will forfeit all scheduled games with a score of (0-1) until suspension is complete. If it is found that both teams are equally at fault in the suspension of a game, then both teams will receive a forfeit (0-1, 0 points). Any team/club needing to forfeit a game for any reason, must notify the Home Club representative and/or SCP Youth Director within 48 hours of scheduled game. If the team/club who is forfeiting said game fails to notify proper personnel, the team/club forfeiting will be responsible for the entire referee fees for the scheduled game. The team who forfeits the game will receive a forfeit (0-1, 0 points), with the opposing team receiving a win (1-0, 3 points). The team that forfeits must have the Referee fee’s to the SCP Youth Director no later than the first Wednesday after the game. Failing to do so may result in forfeiting the upcoming game. During playoffs, if a team forfeits one game they SHALL forfeit all subsequent games. If a team forfeits a game and fails to pay referee fees, SCP Youth will invoice the team's league.

MISCELLANEOUS: Any matter not provided for in these Rules and Regulations shall be refereed to the SCP Youth League Rules and Regulations. The SCP Board of Directors has the authority to determine the outcome for any situation not included in the Rules and Regulations.


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