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How To Join SoCal Premier

Bring Your Team to SoCal Premier

Are you ready to bring your team to the best league in Southern California?

We have several options for you...

  1. Sign-up ANYTIME by filling out this FORM to begin the process
  2. We take teams on an ongoing basis. Ideally you will join us for our summer pre-season and then you can start right from the beginning of regular season.
  3. If we have an opening in a division during regular season we can add you to the schedule
  4. You can play in one of our CUP Competitions as an Independent team
  5. You can sign-up as an INDEPENDENT team, this will allow you to sign players, play in the Cups, and play friendlies with any of our teams.

Please contact our President, Matt Morse if you want to discuss your options for joining a team. 714-296-5888,

Sign-up as a FREE AGENT

Are you a PLAYER Looking for a team? Sign-up as a FREE AGENT!

The SoCal Premier Adult Soccer League is looking for new players. If you are not currently registered to a team and you are looking to join a team this is where you start. You have 2 options:

  1. If you have been invited to join a team simply follow the instructions to register yourself to the team from the home page of our website under "Player Registration"
  2. If you are looking to find a team you can sign up as a FREE AGENT


  • You are fully covered by our League insurance just as if you were on a regular team
  • You are on a 30-day trial to find a team to join
  • You can call managers and ask if you can train/play with them
  • Any SCP team can use up to 2 FREE AGENTS in any game (Excluding knockout Cup games)

End of FREE AGENT Status

  • Once your 30-day trial as FREE AGENT has ended you must turn in your US Club Soccer player ID card.
  • Mail or Deliver ID card to 13138 Bluefield Ave La Mirada CA 90638

Hopefully you will have been selected to a new team and our Registrar will transfer you to the new team for the $5 transfer fee.

Any team who plays a FREE AGENT player after their trial period has ended will forfeit that game and the FREE AGENT will be excluded from joining any team for the following 30 days.

If you are unable to find a team within the 30 days you may contact teams directly and ask for tryouts.



Find a Team

MAP of all our teams...TEAMS by LOCATION

LIST of all our teams...TEAMS