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Master's Cup Rules


SoCal Masters Cup Tournament Rules

October 2018-May 2019

Tournament Rules:    

1. Normal FIFA rules will apply, except:    

          - there is free player substitution, based on referee’s judgment of not unduly interrupting the flow of play.   

          - Yellow cards require a 5 minute sideline period (may be substituted)


2.  Pre-printed Official League Team Rosters must be submitted to the League Representatives prior to start of tournament for approval.  Once on a team, a player may not switch teams.

          - For SoCal Premier teams, Official Game rosters will be printed from SoCal Premier website.

          - For WCASL teams, Official Game Rosters must be completely filled out, including birthdates/ages

          -  All tournament players must appear on the team roster.  


3.  ID rosters or DL required for all players at game check-in.  No card/photo, no play.

          - West Coast League players must show their driver’s License or California ID/Passport. 

          - SoCal Premier Teams - All players must be on photo roster (exception (2) under 30 players). 


4.  2 players under age 30 are allowed to play (new rule 2017-18) and must be listed on roster and present an ID/Drivers License for check-in.


5.  No fighting, violent incidents or foul language, such as f-bombs are allowed. Any player who instigates such or is disruptive will be penalized severely, possibly banned from the tournament, We need to have a “family-friendly” environment.


6.  Games will be full 45-minute halves. Any team not prepared to start must have at least 7 players to start the game, or they will forfeit, and pay both teams' game fees.  All forfeits will be 2-0 (9 points).


7.  Each team at games will pay a game fee to the referees:

-SCP - $75

-WCASL - $110.00 ($75 at SCP hosted games)


8.  All knockout round games, with the exception of Finals, will go directly to PK's if tied after 2 legs. Final games that end in ties will go to (2) 10 min OT periods, then PK’s (Overtime may be skipped if both Teams agree)

          - there will not be an Away Goal rule and no Golden Goal in OT.


9.  Awards: Champions Cup winner: large trophy cup; Runner-up: medium trophy cup

          - Barry Turner Cup winner: medium trophy cup; Runner-up: small trophy cup

          - T-shirts for all Cup Finals participants (TBD)