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Master's Cup Rules


SoCal Masters Cup Tournament Rules

October 2018-May 2019

Tournament Rules:    

1. Normal FIFA rules will apply, except:    

          - there is free player substitution, based on referee’s judgment of not unduly interrupting the flow of play.   

          - Yellow cards require a 5 minute sideline period (may be substituted)


2.  Pre-printed Official League Team Rosters must be submitted to the League Representatives prior to start of tournament for approval.  Once on a team, a player may not switch teams.

          - For SoCal Premier teams, Official Game rosters will be printed from SoCal Premier website.

          - For WCASL teams, Official Game Rosters must be completely filled out, including birthdates/ages

          -  All tournament players must appear on the team roster.  


3.  ID rosters or DL required for all players at game check-in.  No card/photo, no play.

          - West Coast League players must show their driver’s License or California ID/Passport. 

          - SoCal Premier Teams - All players must be on photo roster (exception (2) under 30 players). 


4.  2 players under age 30 are allowed to play (new rule 2017-18) and must be listed on roster and present an ID/Drivers License for check-in.


5.  No fighting, violent incidents or foul language, such as f-bombs are allowed. Any player who instigates such or is disruptive will be penalized severely, possibly banned from the tournament, We need to have a “family-friendly” environment.


6.  Games will be full 45-minute halves. Any team not prepared to start must have at least 7 players to start the game, or they will forfeit, and pay both teams' game fees.  All forfeits will be 2-0 (9 points).


7.  Each team at games will pay a game fee to the referees:

-SCP - $75

-WCASL - $110.00 ($75 at SCP hosted games)


8.  All knockout round games, with the exception of Finals, will go directly to PK's if tied after 2 legs. Final games that end in ties will go to (2) 10 min OT periods, then PK’s (Overtime may be skipped if both Teams agree)

          - there will not be an Away Goal rule and no Golden Goal in OT.


9.  Awards: Champions Cup winner: large trophy cup; Runner-up: medium trophy cup

          - Barry Turner Cup winner: medium trophy cup; Runner-up: small trophy cup

          - T-shirts for all Cup Finals participants (TBD)

The Master's Cup


Our league is excited to once again join up with the West Coast Adult Soccer League out of South Orange County.  This league features several Over30 teams playing in two divisions.  They are also sanctioned by US Club Soccer. 

The SoCal Masters Cup is an XX team tournament that will span October through May.  Teams will be placed in 6 groups of 3 teams each.

6 Flight Winners and 2 Runner-Up’s (based on 10 point system -- 6 points for win, 3 points for a tie, 1 point for each goal up to 3, 1 point for a shutout) will advance to Quarterfinals, all remaining teams will be entered into the Barry Turner Cup.

Please see links on this page for rules, schedules, standings and more.

Play Dates:

  • Group Stage (3 games)
    • Oct 28
    • Nov 18
    • Dec 16
  • Knockout stage - Championship Cup
    • Jan 27 - Game 1 (Home) - Quarterfinals
    • Feb 24 - Game 2 (Away) - Quarterfinals
    • Mar 31 - Game 1 (Home) - Semi-finals
    • Apr 28 - Game 2 (Away) - Semi-finals
    • May 19 - Final
  • Knockout Stage - Barry Turner Cup
    • Jan 27 - Last 12 - Straight Knockout
    • Feb 24 - Quarterfinals - Straight Knockout
    • Mar 31 - Game 1 (Home) - Semi-Finals
    • Apr 28 - Game 2 (Away) - Semi-Finals
    • May 19 - Final