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2018-19 Teams

Welcome to the PREMIER Division!

Home of the best men's amateur teams in Southern California, California and, arguably, the entire United States!  If you think you have what it takes to compete in the Premier Division contact a team for a tryout and enjoy a long career with one of our top clubs. 

Premier Division Standards

The Premier Division is the top division in SoCal Premier Soccer League. The teams in this division often carry players at the beginning of their soccer careers and players who have been on professional contract. For SoCal Premier to remain the top league in Southern California these standards are required. All teams must meet these standards in order to qualify to compete in the Premier Division.

All returning teams must complete an application every season. This will ensure returning teams’ intent, and allow the league staff to evaluate all teams applying every year.

Club/Team Requirements

Home Field

All teams must secure and maintain a home field for the duration of the season.

The League may secure fields for Premier Division games on occasion for promotional or showcase events

Home Team & Game Field Requirements

All fields should meet FIFA standards on size

Turf fields are allowed

All fields must have open bathrooms accessible to players and supporters

All fields should have at minimum 1 bench for both teams

All fields must be approved by the SoCal Premier BOD

Game Day

Home team must provide water for visiting team

All games must have 3 referees to start

All games must start on the actual time – No 15 minute grace period

In the event a team has less than 7 players to start the game on time, it is up to the team that is able to start on time if they wish to wait and play a shortened game or take the forfeit

If game is played there are no protests

Marketing & Promotions of Games

All teams in the Premier Division consent to allow all other teams in the Premier Division to use team Names and Logos to promote upcoming matches, or SoCal Premier related events

All promotion must be sent to opposing team manager/coach listed on SoCal Premier team website

All content must be positive and respectful to both teams

Any negative or derogatory promotion towards an opposing team will have consequences

Recent Premier News

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