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Raul Briones Cup & Friendship Cup RULES

Rules & Groupings - 2019-20

There are 6 Groups of 3 teams.  2nd and 3rd Division teams will start in the 1st Round of play.  Each flight consists of a randomly drawn selection including at least 1 team from each division. 

Every team has three (3) 1st Round games. You will play each team in the opposite Group once (Group 1 vs Group 2, etc.)

1st Round Scoring will be based on the 10 point system.  Win = 6 points, Tie = 3 points, Each goal = 1 point (max 3 points and you still get points for goals even if you lose or tie), Shutout = 1 point.

After the 1st Round:

  • Top Group finishers  will qualify for the Raul Briones Cup 2nd Round (and a few Wild Card 2nd place finishers possibly depending on Premier team count).
  • These teams will be seeded 11-16 based on points and play the Premier teams seeded 1-6 (Premier teams seeded 7-10 will play each other).
  • The remaining teams based on standings/points will enter the Brent Freeman Cup and be seeded based on points.

(Premier teams will be seeded based on mid-season league standings)

Seeding for the 2nd round will be based on total points. If total points are tied, then the following tiebreakers will determine the seeding:

  • Head to head
  • GA (goals against)
  • GD (goals for vs against)
  • GF (goals for)

Elimination round procedures for both Brent Freeman Cup and Raul Briones Cup:

  • Throughout the entire elimination round the team with the higher seed will be the Home team.
  • In the event the higher seed does not have a home field, the lower seed will use their Home field.
  • If neither team has a Home field the game will be scheduled at a neutral site such as Westgrove or Portola Park.
  • Cup Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals will be played as Home/Away cumulative scoring (no away goal rule)
  • If games end tied at the end of regulation (or after both Legs), penalty kicks will be taken as per FIFA rules.
  • Cup Finals will take place at Orange County Great Park or another high end facility.
  • If Final ends in a tie, two 15 minute overtimes will be played as per FIFA rules, followed by penalty kicks.

Note - Any forfeit in Cup group games will result in a 3-0 win (10 points) for the winning team.  If a team forfeits during the 2nd Leg of the Quarter's/Semi's they will forfeit the series.  Also, teams are not allowed to share players for any cup games (i.e. Brea Steaua and Brea Elite cannot share.  You can only play with the team that you are registered with and on digital roster).  Once you play for your team in the cup, you are not allowed to play for any other team in the cup, even if you are dropped from one team and added to the other.  Cup rosters will be frozen the day before your first quarterfinal game.