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League Rules


NOTES on Coach/Manager

Every team must have at least 1 coach/manager registered. This person is considered the team owner and will be held responsible for the team in all areas including

  • Behavior, communication, financial obligations, and upholding league standards
  • This person is also required to manage and maintaing the team's page on the website.
  • Manage all Gameday requirements, tracking and reporting game and player stats, and reporting scores.

If there are any minors on the team (players under the age of 18) at least one coach/manager must complete the additional background and safetyfirst procedures online. This is a requirement of US Club Soccer.

Gameday Requirements

Both teams must pay the referees fees in cash before the game starts.

HOME team is responsible for field set up, corner flags, bathroom access, etc. (if using a league field contact for additional set-up requirements.


BOTH Teams must print a photo roster for gameday follow these instructions:

  1. Login as Coach/Manager
  2. Go to your team page
  3. Click "MANAGE TEAM"
  4. Click "ROSTER"
  5. Select "PRINT ROSTER"

HOME team must print a Gameday sheet with Matchup info:

  1. Login as Coach/Manager
  2. Go to your team page
  3. Click on "GAME SCHEDULE"
  4. Under "STATUS" select the game
  5. Click the GEAR (right side gear icon)
  6. Click "PRE-"
  7. HOME team must print this document, bring it to the game and give it to the referee.



We do not use player ID cards. Player check-in at games will be with a "Photo Gameday Roster". We do not require ID cards for check-in, however, if a referee cannot ID a player based on the photo they will ask for their photo ID, if the name or birthdate do not match with the roster then the player will not be allowed to play.


Team managers must take 2 actions after every game before the end of the weekend.  
1.    Report the score by logging into your team page and going to the game. Score and All game and player stats must be entered.
2.    Complete the ENTIRE Score Report by 10:00pm on Sunday night.  
Failure to report score
1st miss is a warning
$25 fine on 2nd miss and there after
Even if the game is cancelled or forfeited for any reason a Score Report must be completed.


All team owners/managers/coaches the ability to enter and edit game scores and player/team stats. 

Please log in to your team page and enter the scores as well as the team and individual statistics. You can watch this tutorial video if you need any help:

Note on your report any misc. issues.  i.e. field issues, injures, late arrivals, etc.
Any score disputes, contact 

Serious Injuries: Confirm the referee has documented any serious injuries on the Line-up Report. This is necessary to process any insurance request


Every player must be in matching uniforms – shirts, shorts, socks
Jerseys must have number on back
Referee will not allow player on field without appropriate & matching uniform
If uniform conflict, home team changes (home team is listed as ‘home team’ on the website, not necessarily the team playing on their “home” field)
Players on sidelines must wear pennies

FIFA Laws of the Game

SoCal Premier abides by all FIFA Laws of the game with the exceptions listed below:

Mens & Womens Divisions

  • Unlimited substitutions (players can re-enter game at any time)
  • Highly encourage any yellow carded player to sit out for a cool down period

U23 Division

  • 6 substitutions allowed per team, per game
  • No Re-entry


Maximum 12 teams per division - Minimum 8 teams per division
League Games
•    Teams will play each team in their Division a minimum of two times (home and away)
•    One team will be promoted and one team will be relegated in each division for the following season
•    Promoted = the team with the highest points
•    Relegated = the team with the lowest points

Points are awarded as follows:
•    3 points for WIN, 1 point for TIE.
•    No overtime no Playoffs for regular season league games

Determination of Division Champion
•    A division champion will be determined once all scheduled league games have been completed
•    The team with the highest number of points after all games have been completed or based on mathematical equation will be declared the Champion of their respective division
•    If the top two teams have the same amount of points at the end of the season, a Division Champion will be determined as follows:
•    Head to Head results
•    If “Head to Head” results are the same, then each team will be declared Co-Champions
•    If a team is necessary to move up a division (“promotion”), then the Co-Champions will play a play-off game. If “promotion” is not necessary (i.e. Premier Division teams or if one team does not want to be promoted), the play-off game is not necessary.
•    The play-off game to determine “promotion” for the following season, will be scheduled immediately 
•    Once the date has been determined for the play-off game, each team’s roster will be “frozen” two weeks before the game
•    If the play-off game ends in tie, existing FIFA rules for tie-breakers will be followed to determine a winner
•    If there are more than 2 teams with the same amount of points at the end of the season, a playoff system will be devised to determine which team will be promoted to the next division.  Each team will be determined Co-Champions, the playoffs will only be necessary to determine which team moves up a division

More than 1 game in a day

SoCal Premier DOES ALLOW players to play in more than one game in a day. If a club has multiple affiliated teams those players can play in more than one game as a loaned club player to a team in their club.


Each team is allowed to have 28 players for each game (that is as many as will fit on the gameday photo roster for check-in


Schedules Posted
•    The schedule posted on the website is final
•    The only exception would be an email or phone call from the League Scheduler, President or Vice President
•    Once posted, it is each team’s responsibility to review the schedule and confirm home field availability
•    Once the season starts, the league does not plan to change the schedule

Game Changes
•    If a game needs to be modified due to a field issue, you must contact League Scheduler & scheduled opponent before Tuesday 5:00pm (for a Saturday or Sunday game), otherwise you may receive a forfeit.
•    In the event the field is unavailable the following steps will take place.
o    The Scheduler will re-assign the game to the opponent’s field
o    The Scheduler will re-assign the  game to a “League Field”
o    The Scheduler will re-assign your game to an available field
o    The Scheduler has the right to review the situation and if your team was found to be at fault and negligible in losing the field a forfeit win for the opposing team may be awarded.
•    If you know you will be forfeiting a game, you must contact the league, so that the other team and referees can be notified within 48 hours of kickoff
o    If you notify after that time your Team Bond may be used to pay for the assigned referee crew


No games will be scheduled on the following major holidays
•    Labor Day Weekend
•    Thanksgiving
•    Christmas Eve / Day - Winter Break
•    New Years Eve / Day - Winter Break
•    Easter
•    Mother’s Day
•    Memorial Day
•    4th of July

Games may be scheduled on the following, however teams may request these days off
•    President’s Day
•    MLK Day
•    Super Bowl Sunday
•    Father’s Day



6 players from the Reserves (2nd/3rd division team) can play in Top (Premier/2nd team) game and 3 players from the top (Premier/2nd) team can play in the Reserves team game.  (6 up, 3 down)

If affiliated teams are in same division, 2 players from each team can play for other team

OVER30 Alliances

Unlimited players may be shared if the alliance is between an open division team and an Over35 team


Players can only play with their main team for Cup games.  No “sharing” players for Cup games

Once player plays in Cup game, not allowed to play for affiliated team later in Cup

Players may not transfer to play in cup games with another team once elimination round begins.

Once the season begins no new “Alliances” can be formed


Play on Men’s teams? We are not a co-ed league and have no rules for women, however, if you want a woman to play on your team that is fine.

Our league is considered "Gender-Neutral"


"Multiroster" Player - SoCal Premier does allow players to register and play in multiple leagues.

SoCal Premier does NOT allow players to play on multiple teams within our league.  This includes playing in a different division within SCP.

Players may play on "affiliated" SoCal Premier teams (affiliated means multiple teams in the same club).


SoCal Premier allows youth players to play in the league. Players must be at least 15 years old. Youth players are eligible as of their 15th birthdate.

Parents must complete the youth player registration and agree to the terms and policies of the league.

Any team with a youth player must complete a US Club Soccer safety program. See details under "Coaches"


If both teams have at least 7 checked-in players the game must start at the posted Kickoff time
The grace period is not for a team to have more than 7 players
If either team has less than 7 players at posted game time a 15 minute grace period will begin
If after 15 minutes team still has less than 7 players a forfeit will be declared.  Referees will leave and game must be reported as a forfeit
If a teams Gameday Photo Roster is not at the field the referee may not check players in or start the game.  If is has not arrived after the 15 minute grace period ends, game will be declared a forfeit.
The Team bond will then be used to pay the referees
If a team bond is used it must be replaced with the league within 2 weeks or points will be deducted and future games cancelled.

BOTH teams must complete the Score Report

SUSPENSIONS - Red/Yellow Cards

Yellow Card

  • We highly encourages a team to sub a player who receives a yellow card for a period of timeOf course this is at the discretion of the team coach/manager

Red Card

  • Any player who receives a red card must leave the site immediately.  Failure to do so will result in additional suspensions.  Harassing referees will result in additional suspensions.
  • Any player with a pattern of receiving red cards in a season may be expelled from further play in the League.
  • Serious abuse may result in expulsion from the league.
  • When a red card is shown the referee will submit a report to the league. The suspension & fine will be posted on the website.
  • ALL players receiving a red-card will be assessed a fine. See RID manual under "Handbook" for more information.

RID committee will determine the length of suspensions after receiving the referee reports from each game.


  • Any team involved in a fight will be reviewed by the league once a report is submitted by the referees
  • Players involved in fighting may be subject to immediate expulsion from the league




HOME TEAM Requirements if the field is closed due to rain/weather.

  1.  If you are on a League field contact Nick Peters.
  2. Verify that the field is in fact closed.  You can do this by calling the mudline as listed on the field page or by getting in touch with the field owner/operator.
  3. Must Call AND Text and email opposing coach/manager as listed on their team page.
  4. Must call referee assignor, go to league directory for contacts

VISITING TEAM Requirements if it looks like it might rain or weather may cause game cancellation

  1. If you do not hear from the Home team then show up to the game
  2. Always assume the game will be played if you don’t hear anything.
  3. Both teams must Complete the Score Report noting that the field was closed due to rain and the game was not played

League “may” contact the city/school to verify that the field was unplayable

When in doubt – tell your team to go to the field… you don’t want a forfeit because you thought the field would be closed.


SoCal Premier allows games to be rescheduled ONLY in the following circumstances:

  • MUST be a 30 day advanced notice
  • Team is entered into a sanctioned state or national tournament
    • US Open Cup, Calsouth State Cup, USASA
  • Team is entered into an approved and supported tournament:
    • Las Vegas Silver Mug tournament

We will NOT reschedule games for the following:

  • Your players are on vacation
  • You do not have enough players
  • You don't have a home field
  • Your players are at an event (concert, game, triathalon, marathon, etc)

There are a million things you can do an any given weekend in Southern California. Plan ahead and make sure you have players who are committed to your team.

If someone on your team is getting MARRIED and many of your players are in the wedding/invited, we will consider a reschedule. Must provide substantial proof of this event ahead of time, minimum 30 days.


Minimum Field Standards

All fields must meet minimum FIFA standards
Size must be within FIFA standards
Goals must be secure and have fully covered nets
Corner Flags
All markings & lines must be clear & visible
Night games must have lights
Turf fields are acceptable
Premier Division fields must be of a high quality (to be determined by League approval)

League Fields
SCP has access to a few "League Fields" in Irvine, Garden Grove and a couple other partner cities
It is very important that each team secure their own home field
In the event a field is provided by the League, teams that elect to use this field for their home games will be required to pay the field cost
Use of an SCP "League Field" will be determined by the League

Team Fields
All teams are required to have a home field
Teams without a home field are always risk of losing their spot in the League
If at any time there are not fields to schedule games those teams without fields will be removed first
Teams that provide a field for the visiting “home teams” must submit receipts in order to be reimbursed for their cost of the field for that game day

Respect each field; respect the neighbors, pick-up trash, no foul language – no alcohol