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U23 Rules

Table of Contents


  1. Club Criteria
  2. Game Procedures
  3. Management
  4. Scheduling and Communication
  5. Competition Rules
  6. Roster Rules
  7. Match Officials
  8. League Discipline
  9. Club Bond




Procedures, Rules, and Regulations


The SoCal Premier U23 Summer Soccer League is a Southern California based league competition played during the May-July summer months. Games are generally played on the weekends.

The aim is to assist selected clubs by:

  1. Providing a adult summer competition for well-structured teams and clubs
  2. Providing a platform for top youth players, returning collegiate players, and top adults in a given area.
  3. Providing a top level Southern California summer based league competition necessary for continued high level player development


1. Club/Team Criteria

1.1 Selection/application process of Clubs/Teams

Selection of Soccer Clubs/Teams based on:

  1. Vision: Clubs/Teams who have committed their club to developing motivated soccer players to their full potential – for professional, collegiate or top level amateur soccer.
  2. Application: Clubs/Teams can submit the application during the application window each year.
  3. History: Clubs/Teams who have committed time, energy and resources towards a coaching staff and technical program necessary for developing their motivated soccer players.
  4. Infrastructure: Clubs/Teams who have developed the administrative infrastructure to properly support their commitment.

Clubs/Teams are selected based on ability to meet:

  1. Past Participation and Communication Standards
  2. Administrative & organizational Standards
  3. Field and referee standards
  4. Historical behavior of players & coach during prior SCP seasons


2.1 Pre-Game Procedures

After SCP scheduling deadlines have passed, both teams must agree upon any game that needs to be rescheduled. If the opponent does not agree to a reschedule, the team asking for the reschedule must either play the game or forfeit. Re-schedules subject to field availability and weather.

Home Team:

  1. Providing properly lined field – or payment to SCP for use of league field
  2. Provide SCP Team Roster & Match Form to center referee
    1. To print Roster & Match Form follow instructions under “Resources/Rules” on the SCP website
  3. Provide referee valid ID confirmation for any player whose pictures do not display or are not clear to verify identity and birthdate

Visiting Team:

  1. Provide SCP Team Roster to center referee
  2. Respond to any communication requests from the home team in regards to match.  Away teams have 48 hours to respond to Home team if the date and time would not work.
  3. Provide referee valid ID confirmation for any player whose pictures do not display or are not clear to verify identity and birthdate


2.2 Game Day Procedures

At each SCP match it is the responsibility of both teams to have possession of:

  1. SCP Team Photo Roster


2.3 Post-Game Procedures

Follow the same instructions under “Resources/Rules” on the SCP website


3. Management

3.1 Team Management Requirements

All teams must have a manager or coach that has daily access to email, and a telephone number connected to a 24 hour answering system during the SCP season.  Email will be the primary form of contact and it is expected that the team manager is checking email on a daily basis.


3.2 Personnel on the Bench

A maximum of 3 non-playing personnel is allowed on each team bench.


4. Scheduling and Communication

4.1 Communication Policy

Communication between teams is vitally important for all SCP related events. Please make sure to have at least 2 different contacts listed on your team’s page. It is highly recommended to have as many contacts as possible so your team never misses communications from your opponent. Having the wrong email address or phone number listed is not a valid excuse for not receiving information and could result in your team and club being placed on probation if it becomes a common occurrence. Please check your team pages to make sure that your information is current. It may be a good idea to add one club representative to each teams contacts so club officials are aware of what is going on with each individual team in your club.  It is very important that teams abide by the 48-hour rule in returning posted communication messages.


4.2 Policy for Scheduling Matches

SCP will provide dates when the matches should be played on Saturdays or Sundays. Please coordinate directly with opponents regarding the re-scheduling of any games with conflicts into another date that works for both parties. Please be flexible and try to make this work, we all want these games to be played. Please be aware of all scheduling deadlines. For SCP, game dates will be provided by SCP and Home Teams will be responsible for scheduling a time and location. All games, including reschedules, must be confirmed and on the schedule by the SCP scheduling deadlines for each SCP deadline. At that point schedules will be locked and can only be rescheduled with agreement from both teams, the SCP Coordinator, and SCP referee assignor.

Please note - If SCP feels that the home team is responsible for the game not being scheduled they will:

  1. First Warning –
  2. Second Warning Lose home field advantage and still pay for refs and field costs.
  3. Third Warning - Forfeit Match
  4. Fourth Warning - Elimination from league

After SCP scheduling deadlines have passed, both teams must agree upon any game that needs to be rescheduled. If the opponent does not agree to a reschedule, the team asking for the reschedule must either play the game or forfeit.


4.3 Cancellation/Forfeit Policy

Teams must give their opponent and SCP a 96-hour warning if forfeiting an away match or they will be required to pay field and referee costs. Please remember that this is a club competition and not an individual team competition. The following is a list of common excuses we see for needing to cancel a game. We recommend the following solutions to frequently posed problems:

  1. Too many players missing
    1. Solution - Remember that any player from your club is available to participate with your team as long as they are of correct age. Start with large rosters-you can have up to 26 players. Get confirmation early from each player as to his availability throughout the season.  Anticipate roster shortages weeks before they happen by continued player communication.
  2. Missing Coach
    1. Solution - Any coach with a valid pass for your club is able to coach any team in that club. If your coach has several commitments then it is recommended that teams have an assistant coach or another coach from the club available to cover games.
  1. No Fields Available
    1. Solution - It is expected that if your team is playing in SCP that your team has a quality field and access to field’s. Fields need to be lined with proper dimensions as per posted rules. This excuse will not be acceptable for a cancellation of a match.
    2. SCP has several fields available to schedule games if a teams home field is unavailable
  1. Tournaments/Other Games
    1. Solution - SCP understands that teams will possibly do a tournament during the time of League matches. This will be an acceptable excuse to ask for a reschedule but it must be done and rescheduled by SCP scheduling deadlines. Please plan your schedule well in advance so your schedule does not become so full that you are unable to fulfill your League commitment.


5. Competition Rules

5.1 Playing Rules

All games under league jurisdiction shall be played according to the rules and regulations recognized by SCP Premier League which shall be the same rules set by FIFA/USSF except for those exceptions authorized by FIFA or USSF.

5.2 Point System

The SCP shall operate under a point system.  The point system shall award three points for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss.

In case of a tie in the standings within a league the following will be used as tie-breakers:

  1. “Head to Head” points between teams
  2. “Head to Head” Goal Differential (up to 4) between teams
  3. Overall Goal Differential (up to 4)
  4. Goals for (up to 4)
  5. Goals against (up to 4)
  6. Most points against highest non-tied team in group (i.e if the 2nd place and 3rd place team are tied best record vs 1st place team would win tiebreaker)
  7. Best Goal Differential against highest non-tied team in group
  8. Most Shutouts
  9. Least Red Cards
  10.  Coin Toss

If more than two teams are tied, the tie-breaking process will be used until a winner is determined.  The tie-breaking procedure does not revert to previous criteria if one team is eliminated.

5.3 Game Lengths

All SCP matches will be played in full.  All games will be played 11v11 with a size 5 ball.  The following is the list of game length-no overtime:

 – play 2x45 minutes; 10 minute half time


5.4 Fields

It is expected that all Club Fields are of the highest quality for SCP competition.  It is expected that fields are properly lined, mowed, and have nets and corner flags.  If you feel a field is not of proper quality please play the match under protest (view section on protests).  If SCP finds that a field is not to the standards of the SCP, clubs may be asked to move their matches to another field.   The SCP Technical Committee must approve all league fields.

Please view the expected field dimensions for Club Hosted matches:

 – Maximum 130 yards x 100 yards; Minimum 105 yards x 60 yards

All goals are expected to be regulation size 8’ height x 24’ width.


5.5 Substitutions

A team may have no more than 18 players dressed for each game.  Substitutions are allowed at the referee’s discretion.

A substitution can take place for either team at the following times:

  1. Any stoppage of play
  2. A player may not return to play in the same half they are subbed off.
  3. A player may re-enter the game in the second half, if they were subbed off in the first half. (we are following similar sub rules as the NCAA college format)


5.6 Incomplete Games

In the event a game cannot be completed, the game counts if half the game was completed. If there is no result and the match is suspended prior to the expiration of one half, the game shall be repeated at a time agreed upon by the competing teams in consultation with the SCP Technical  Committee.

Any team directly responsible for the termination of the game due to poor sportsmanship towards referee, opposing fans, or opposing players will result in that team forfeiting the match.  This could also lead to other possible penalties set by the SCP PAD committee.


5.7 No-Shows/Forfeits

A no-show occurs when a team willfully does not show up to a game agreed to by the teams.  Penalties for no-shows are as follows:

  1. A forfeit to the opposing team
  2. The accumulation of two no-shows for a club in SCP shall result in the Club’s termination from the SCP
  3. A forfeit will result in a 0-3 loss
  4. Forfeiting team will pay for all referee, field, and admin costs associated with the no-show and an additional $100 fine.  All paid from the SCP Club Bond.

A team unable to attend a scheduled game because of an accident, weather, or act of god should immediately notify the opponent and the league office.  Each situation shall be reviewed by the SCP PAD committee, which shall enter a decision.


5.8 Protests

Protests are only allowed to be made before the start of a match.  A protest must be clearly written on the official Match Form prior to the match in regards to field quality and any other issues in regards to match conditions not being of the highest quality.  Protests in regards to eligible players or the playing of illegal players may be made prior to or following the match.  Protests must be sent to  Specific referee decisions shall not be protested. 


5.9 Age-Limits

U23 - Each team may roster 5 overage players.

Overage players may play on the field at the same time. 


6. Roster Rules

6.1 Game Roster

Players must register for the team using the link on the home page of the SCP website, Click on “U23/20 Player Registration”. Select the team in the drop down list.

It may take up to 3 days for a player to appear on the team roster. Players may not play until they appear on the roster. This ensures they are completely registered and covered by the US Club Soccer Player Insurance. Players names may not be hand written onto the SCP Match Form.  Only players listed on the official Match Form will be eligible to play in SCP matches.


6.2 Eligibility

If the players name and birthdate appear on the Team Photo Roster but the individual picture is not on the Team Photo Roster the player may present a valid photo ID to verify identity.  If the player name and birthdate do not appear the individual will not be eligible for the match.

Players may only play for one Club within SCP, unless a transfer is approved in writing by the SCP Coordinator.

For SCP, all players from a club are eligible to participate in SCP matches.

Only 18 players may be used for matches. The 18 players must be on the official Match Form given to the match official and opposing team before the start of the game. Any players listed on the roster not being played must have a line through their name on the roster.


6.3 Guest Players


IE – a U23 player from Club/Team A cannot play in a U23 game with Club/Team B.


6.4 Illegal Players

Any player that does not appear on the SCP Team Photo Roster at the time of the match shall be considered an illegal player.  Any team using an illegal player shall forfeit three points for each game to the opposing team against whom the illegal player was used.  In addition, the coach of the team using the illegal player will be suspended from SCP competition for one year.  It will also result in a $250 Club fine.


6.5 Transfer Window

No Transfers are allowed during the SCP U23 season.


7. Match Officials

7.1 Referee Requirements

The match officials shall consist of the referee and assistant referees (AR1, AR2).  All SCP matches will have three referees.  It is the responsibility of the home team to inform the SCP Scheduler/referee assignor of any possible date, field, or time changes agreed upon by teams.


7.2 Assignment of Match Officials

SCP Premier Referee Assignor will assign all SCP games. 


7.3 Referee Payment

SCP referees will be paid based on the following scale:

  1. $100 per team, per game
  2. NO travel fee for referees

Teams will pay the referees at the field prior to the game.


8. League Discipline

8.1 Red Cards

A send off (red card) will result in a minimum of a one (1) game suspension. A send off because of two cautions will result in the player being suspended for the next match. If a player is sent off during the weekend, they may not play the remainder of the weekend. Games sat out that weekend can count against the suspension, as long as noted on the Roster and/or Referee Game Report as such.

Any team using suspended players will be disciplined the same as using illegal players. The SCP PAD must be notified of the send off within 24 hours by the home team. The player card can be returned to the team as long as the Referee Game Report shows the infraction, the players name and number.


8.2 Violating League Rules

The SCP PAD committee shall have the authority to suspend, fine, or disqualify player, team officials or competing clubs for violating league rules, or for any action or conduct not in the best interest of soccer or of SoCal Premier.

A panel of individuals from the league shall conduct the review of disciplinary issues.  This panel will be known as the SCP PAD Committee and shall consist of a minimum of three officials.


8.3 Red Card Procedure

It is the team and clubs responsibility to ensure their Red Carded          player/coach serves the minimum 1 game suspension.  It is also their responsibility to ensure that their player/coach serves any additional suspension determined by the SCP PAD committee.  A referee report must be sent within 48 hours of the red card being issued.  Teams must send   in the verification form confirming that suspensions have been served.  All reports and forms should be sent to


8.5 Suspensions

All double yellow cards and red cards will result in a minimum one game suspension.  This suspension is effective immediately. Even if the official suspension is not awarded it is the team and clubs responsibility to ensure that the suspension is served.

Red cards received in SCP matches must be served in SCP matches.


9. Club Bond

9.1 Bond Intent

The primary intent of the bond is to insure the club’s, its coaches and managers fulfill their responsibilities when playing in the SCP Soccer League. All rules are clearly stated in the SCP website.


9.2 Bond Amount

All SCP clubs must have a $250 bond on file with SCP Premier Soccer.  If money is used from a Clubs bond, that club has 7 days to make payment to bring their bond amount back up to the $250 level


9.3 Fine List

  1. No lines or nets - $50 per game
  2. No corner flags - $50 per game
  3. Forfeits or no-show’s - $150 + travel fee (money used to pay for field and referee’s)
  4. Failure to complete league schedule - $100 for first game + $50 for every game
  5. Cancellations under (36 hours) - Cancelling team has to pay for fields and referee’s.
  6. Communication – Clubs must communicate in a timely manner.  If communication becomes a problem SCP reserves the right to fine based on the following criteria: 1st time, warning, 2nd time $100, 3rd time $200.00, 4th or more team will be expelled from the RAL and not be allowed in league following year.
  7. Playing illegal players - $500.00 (lose points if won the game)
  8. Unscheduled matches at league scheduling deadline - $20 per game unscheduled at set SCP deadlines